Safety tips you must follow when using an electric knife sharpener


Whether you are an aspiring chef in your home or a chef as your passion and job you know how important it is to keep your knife sharp and ready for any dish you plan to create. Traditionally and even still today chefs are used to using a steel and stone to sharpen their knives.

But sharpening your knives this way can be hard if you are not trained in using it properly and also you can place unwanted wear on your knives by easily over sharpening and removing too much blade when sharpening this way.

Recently there has emerged a new way to keep your precious knives in tip top shape and its proven to be a lot easier that the traditional ways of sharpening your knives. Depending on the type of electric sharpener you purchase you won’t have to do anything other than press the on and off button and then others may require you read some instructions and apply some manual work to sharpened the knife.

It is important to know what type of knife and design you have as that can pose an issue when buying an electric knife sharpener. I myself own an electric knife sharpener and have a total of three chef knives in my home. I had purchased my mine from bed bath and beyond and for my more professional and expensive blade that I own to ensure it is kept in tip top shape and not wearing away quickly by my inexperience with my stone and steel.

While the blade I initially bought the sharpener for does fit and can be sharpened effectively my other blades have an issue being pass through the sharpener. Typically in a household you may not have so many chef knives but I being a past culinary student and knife enthusiast do.

Tip #1: ensure the sharpener you own is right for your knife and blade.

Tip #2: try to get the entire blade through the sharpener don’t miss any par, you’ll receive a much better result.

Tip #3: don’t attempt to multi-task while sharpening your knives.

Tip #4: don’t place your hand anywhere near the rotating stone when the sharpener is on.

Tip #5: generally your sharpener will require your knife to be worked toward you, well at least mine does, don’t work your knife against this you run the risk of your knife pushing back or getting stuck in your sharpener.